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Producer: Farms of Antigua, Sacatepéquez, Antigua, Guatemala
Producer: Farms of Antigua, Sacatepéquez, Antigua, Guatemala
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This Farms of Antigua blend paints a captivating picture of coffee's history and diversity. It is a tapestry of smaller lots from various producers in the diverse Antiguan region.

(the majestic mountains of Antigua)

Antiguan producers can be divided into two distinct groups: historic estates nestled within the ancient town of Antigua and the producers residing on the outskirts, along the slopes of Volcan de Agua. The latter group comprises small landholders and local communities. The approach of Los Volcanes (miller and exporter) is to enhance the value of every producer's lot through their state-of-the-art mill and rigorous processing and evaluation standards. In their lab, you'll find the most prestigious estates standing shoulder to shoulder with the smallest-scale producers in. Individual lots are cupped and blended to create a genuine expression of the region’s terroir.

Antigua holds a special place in coffee history, having been synonymous with high-quality coffee in Guatemala for over a century. It was here, in the heart of Antigua, that the Jesuit missionaries planted the first coffee seeds, primarily for ornamental purposes. These seeds would later inspire the establishment of small coffee plantations.

The fertile flatlands of the Antigua Valley, nestled strategically between the Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango volcanoes, create ideal conditions for high-altitude coffee cultivation. By the late 1800s and early 1900s, Guatemalan coffee was already gaining recognition and accolades in Europe and the United States. Antigua Guatemala's coffee set the standard for quality throughout the 20th century. This dedication to quality was so ingrained that even two decades ago, professional coffee tasters would use the term "Genuine" to describe coffee with a specific profile of acidity and complexity—a nod to Antigua being one of the world's first coffee regions to receive a protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.) called "Genuino Antigua."

(Carolina Franco and Josue Morales of Los Volcanes Coffee, and Proud Mary Coffee founder, Nolan Hirte)

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