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Producer: Farms of Lake Atitlán, Pacoc & San Andrés, Sololá, Atitlán, Guatemala
Producer: Farms of Lake Atitlán, Pacoc & San Andrés, Sololá, Atitlán, Guatemala
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The enchanting world of Lake Atitlán coffee unfolds in the villages of Pacoc and San Andrés, nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Guatemala. Here, Los Volcanes (miller and exporter) collaborate with nearly 100 dedicated coffee producers, each with a unique story to tell.

(the mountains around Lake Atitlán)

The village of Pacoc forms the heart of this community lot. But San Andrés, a village on the southern side of the Volcano, adds its own magic to the brew. It is here that you will find 32 small farms tucked away in the valley between Volcan Atitlan and Volcán Tolimán.

These producers belong to the Kaqchikel indigenous group and their connection to the land runs deep, often being passed down for countless generations. Each day during the harvest season producers will pick and deliver one to two bags of cherry by hand.

The altitude climbs from 1600 to a majestic 1900 meters above sea level. The coffee harvest commences in November, beginning in the lakeside town of Pacoc. Come January, the cherries from Pacoc blend harmoniously with those from the scenic route through San Andrés. Diversity reigns in the soil too. Pacoc boasts sandy terrain, while San Andrés stands proud with its humid, rugged landscape, dominated by rock and petrified lava.

Every year Los Volcanes sends 3,000 bags of compost, equivalent to around 135 metric tons, to prepare for the upcoming harvest. It’s a special organic recipe that founder, Josue Morales, has been refining over years and that increases both yield and cherry density.

(Carolina Franco & Josue Morales of Los Volcanes Coffee, with Nolan Hirte, Proud Mary Coffee Founder)

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