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Producer: Janson Family, Volcán, Chiriqui, Panama
Producer: Janson Family, Volcán, Chiriqui, Panama

Farms: Los Alpes & Hacienda Las Lagunas

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The Janson Farms story is truly an inspiring tale of perseverance and family values that has spanned three generations.  It all began in 1926 when a young (just 21 years old) Carl Axel Janson left Sweden for Panama, where he fell in love with the land and started his legacy.

Like some other coffee farms that were established around the same time, the land Carl Janson purchased was originally used as a dairy farm, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that the family realized the land’s potential for growing coffee.

Carl’s sons (Michael, Carl, Ricardo, and Peter) took over in 1990 and founded Janson Coffee, driven by their father’s values of quality, hard work, and love for the land, which they have continued to uphold to this day. Now led by Kai, Janette, and Miguel, Janson Farms continues to produce high-quality specialty coffee, including the world-renowned Panama Geisha variety.

(Welcome to Geisha Country; Kai Janson)

Janson Coffee’s two farms are located on the Talamanca Mountain Range on the slopes of Tizingal and Baru volcanoes.

Hacienda las Lagunas, named after its lagoons and wetlands, is located west of the Barú Volcano, with rich volcanic soil and several natural springs. The different plots are surrounded by areas of a natural reserve which serve as natural barriers to protect the plantation as well as providing vital habitat for a large variety of birds and wildlife.

Los Alpes, named after the Swiss Alpes, borders La Amistad International Park, a natural reserve which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park crosses the boarder from Panama into Costa Rica and is home to many different native species.

Coffees from the Janson family are truly one-of-a-kind, harvested in only small batches and carefully handled to ensure its unique flavors are preserved.

(al freso cupping, at Kai Janson's lake house)

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