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Brew Guide - Panama | Altieri Estate | Geisha | DFS Natural
Brew Guide - Panama | Altieri Estate | Geisha | DFS Natural
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Family-owned. Best of Panama winning. This coffee was grown from seed sourced from the oldest and most famous Finca in Panama - Hacienda La Esmeralda. This release has been a long time coming and delivers in every aspect.

Method: V60
Coffee Dose: 15 grams
Water Dose: 100 degrees / 240 grams
Total Brew Time: 3:30 minutes
When to Brew or Freeze: After 9 days (based on the roast and freeze date difference)
Grind Size: Comandante MK4 18 clicks

This Geisha was processed using a special dry fermentation (DFS) method, where the coffee is partially dried on raised beds before undergoing an anaerobic fermentation, followed by a final drying stage in a dark temperature-controlled room.

The DFS process can lead to a coffee with a very distinct flavor profile. The combination of initial partial drying, anaerobic fermentation, and controlled final drying can result in coffees with enhanced sweetness, complexity, and sometimes more pronounced fruit-forward notes.

Notes: Apricot jam, strawberry, honey, & tropical

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