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Producer: Emilio López Díaz, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Producer: Emilio López Díaz, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Farms: Finca El Manzano, La Cumbre

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Founded in 1872, Finca El Manzano has been in the López Díaz family for generations. Now under the watchful eye of Emilio López Díaz, El Manzano was expanded in 2005, to include a processing mill, Beneficio El Manzano, and a selection of exotic varieties not typically found in El Salvador, including Red, Yellow, and Orange Bourbon, Pacamara, SL-34, and Geisha, as well as the move traditional Pacas and Caturra varieties.

The coffee processing at Beneficio El Manzano is fully automated and runs like clockwork into the night; an orchestra playing in unison, never missing a beat. It’s because of this level of control, that Emilio was able to take both 1st and 2nd place in the 2018 Cup of Excellence competition, something that had never been done before.

(The man himself, Emilio López Díaz)

As well as growing delicious coffees, Emilio also operates his own import/export company, Odyssey Coffee – allowing him to bring his own coffees, as well as some other small local producers, directly to roasters and their customers around the world.

Emilio is one of the most experimental and progressive producers that we know, and while his experiments don’t always go as planned, he’s always looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge.


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