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Producer: Ovidio Gomez, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Producer: Ovidio Gomez, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Farms: Finca El Paraiso, Los Gomitos

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We've been working with Ovidio 'Machete' Gomez, since 2012. In that time, we've purchased his coffee each and every year, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Finca El Paraiso is located on the steep mountainous slopes in Santa Barbara, Honduras. The climb to the top of the farm is almost vertical at points, but once you make it to the summit (around 1650 masl), you're rewarded with beautiful views of lake Yojoa.

The farm is planted with Catuai, Pacas, Bourbon, and Parainema varieties.

Hidden beneath his gruff exterior (often times with a machete in hand), is a passionate soul, who cares deeply for the land and his community.

(Ovidio Gomez)

2022 Update:

Ovidio recently purchased a new farm, Los Gomitos - so new in fact, that when we visited in March, he still hadn't decided on a name.

Prior to Ovidio purchasing the land, the farm had fallen into disrepair - but Ovidio looked past the issues, and could see heaps of potential.

Once Ovidio's coffee production really gets going at Los Gomitos, it's going to be something incredibly special. The terrain is equally as punishing as Finca El Paraiso, with almost vertical slopes and a deep ravine running through the middle.

Ovidio plans to plant Pacas and Catuai, as well as a small amount of Geisha at the highest points (around 1,800 masl).

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